Fretting about what gift to give that special someone? Consider spa treatments. Never the wrong size, out of date or inappropriate, spa treatments are easy to give and perfect to receive. Think about it, you’ve probably never heard someone say, “Darn, you got me spa treatments!”

Spa treatments are the universally accepted alternative to getting “stuff.” With “stuff”, such as fragrances, food, electronics or clothing, pleasure is derived from handling or using said stuff. When you eat chocolates, you enjoy the taste. But within minutes, that gift is digested and forgotten. When you wear a new scarf, pleasure comes from how it looks or how people react to how it looks. Over time the scarf fades and wearing it is no longer a pleasure.

Spa treatments, however, provide intangible benefits that transcend space and time. They produce feelings of wellness, peace and serenity that become etched in memory. It’s hard to lose yourself while fixated on a blender. But a 90-minute massage can send you into a euphoric bliss that turns your world around.

A trip to the spa means a vacation from the rigors of the world. Rejuvenation, healing and renewal are states of being that coincide with our pursuit of happiness. The best part about spa treatments is they are the most affordable, customizable and practical gift for almost every occasion.

Unlike the one-size fits all scarf, spa treatments give the recipient an experience, something that lasts in the heart and mind.

Face it, people are busy, life is hectic. A gift of a spa treatment allows the recipient to schedule their treat at their convenience.

The bottom line? Spa treatments are often appreciated more than mere “stuff.” Stuff, gets tossed out and misplaced. Even if a person loses a gift certificate, the spa has a record of the purchase and can easily retrieve the gift number.