We offer a variety of facials to help relax and rejuvenate. Spending time to focus on your face can do wonders to the tone and texture of your skin to help it look and feel radiant and soft. Some of our facials are:

  • The Parisian Elegance Facial is a great relaxing starter facial for anyone that has not had a facial before. We customize the products used for each customer.
  • The Rose Petal Signature Facial which uses skin care products scented with roses. A perfect gift for anyone!
  • Wrinkle Buster Facial to help fight the signs of aging, using active products – it could make you tingle!
  • Zap It Facial to reduce acne and prevent future scarring.
  • Rezenerate Facial revitalizes your skin to help retain plumpness and renew fine lines and wrinkles. Over days and weeks to come, the serums introduced into the skin continue to make your skin look amazing.


Skin Resurfacing

To help with more serious facial skin problems, skin resurfacing can remove dead skin cells to bring a more youthful look and help with many skin conditions such as: dry and flaky skin, and skin with poor texture.


 Chemical Peels

For those that have deeper skin issues like uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentations or who want to reduce wrinkles, chemical peels are a great way to have the skin “start over.” Chemical peels will remove many layers of dead skin cells to bring the newer skin to the surface and help revitalize your skins appearance.


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