Relaxing Massage

The Pampering Place Day Spa offers massage to suit individual needs from relaxation to therapy and rehabilitation. For those who enjoy a relaxing massage to feel good, we offer:

  • Gentle/Swedish Massage to relax the muscles after a stressful day and improve circulation
  • Medium Massage uses more pressure than Gentle Massage to focus on specific areas of the body
  • Deep Tissue Massage is for a more therapeutic approach to massage to work on connective tissue. This can be especially beneficial to athletes and sports enthusiasts.


Therapeutic Massage

Having been expertly trained in massage for pain therapy to help rehabilitate the body by focusing on connective tissue which changes muscle movement and posture. We can alleviate the need for pain medication for treatment through therapeutic massage to release the muscles and nerves over the grip of pain. Your massage treatment can include any of the following:

  • Deep Tissue Therapeutic & Healing Massage
  • Neuromuscular Massage
  • Reflexology Massage Techniques
  • MPS Pain Therapy Massage
  • Biophotas (Celluma Light Therapy) for Pain Management
  • Massage to help Sciatica, Scar Release, Whiplash, Neck and Back Pain
  • Hand and Sole Massage
  • Scalp & Head Massage
  • Hot Lava Shell (Natural Tiger Shell infused with heat used in place of the hands to add soothing pressure, similar to hot stone treatments)


MPS Pain Therapy

(Micro-Current Point Stimulation Pain Therapy) 

Designed to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain and scars and adhesions by applying concentrated micro-current impulses to trigger, motor, and acupuncture points, providing quick and effective pain relief for a long list of medical conditions.

MPS (Micro-current Point Stimulation) Therapy is a hybrid modality combining the principles of acupuncture and modern neurology to provide neuro-myofascial pain relief.

MPS applies brief, concentrated DC micro-current to specific treatment points (acupuncture and trigger) for the purpose of relaxing muscles, calming the nervous system and releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. The Dolphin MPS device is engineered to detect and treat these active points with great scientific precision and potency.

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