Pampering Place Spa Packages

Pampering Place Packages were created to provide a well rounded relaxation treatments that target specific purposes to be effective in helping your body feel good.

Each relaxation treatment is paired according to the need such as anti-aging, pain relief, detoxification and pure enjoyment. Of course, any package can be changed to create a custom treatment to suit your relaxation needs.

  • Create Your Own
    • If one of our packages doesn’t suite you, CREATE YOUR OWN!
  • Rose Petal (signature package)
    • Swedish aroma therapy massage
    • rose petal facial
    • body scrub
    • perfectly pampered pedicure or manicure (Gelish)
  • Pure Decadence
    • Swedish massage
    • Parisian Elegance facial
    • body scrub
    • delightfully pampered pedicure, or manicure (Gelish)
  • Purr..fectly Pampered
    • Swedish Massage with aroma therapy
    • anti-aging facial
    • body scrub
    • perfectly pampered pedicure or manicure (Gelish)
  • Detox Package
    • Ion cleanse detoxifying footbath that can help reduce, heavy metals, inflammation, & parasites in your system.
    • 10 minute session on the Powerstep to stimulate the lymphatic system for a deeper cleanse.
    • This is a great series to do in conjunction with proper nutritional products.
    • Recommended in a series of 10-14.
  • Far-Infrared Sauna
    • Potential therapeutic benefits of an infrared sauna:  Pain relief, weight loss, increased circulation, lower cholesterol, fibromyalgia pain relief, reduces stress & fatigue, detoxification, may improve joint stiffness.
  • Therapeutic Hot Tub
    • Relax in a wonderful outdoor 64-jet hot tub.
    • This is a great way to begin or end a treatment.
    • Bring a suit!…or not
Please feel free to customize your  own package for the ultimate pampering experience !

 Call 303-324-6078 to setup an appointment for your Pampering Place Package.

*Prices are subject to change