As our industry trends towards wellness Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are the minerals of choice. They are natural pigments vs. petroleum dyes that are high performance, water resistant and non-comedogenic. The natural skin tone shades provide sun protective properties with less shimmer; offering a healthy glow and flawless finish.

Granting women the power to conceal and correct imperfect complexions has always been the mission of Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Pauline draws inspiration from nature as well as her own practical experience as a paramedical aesthetician to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

During her career as a medical aesthetician, Pauline was in daily contact with patients who had severely traumatized skin from harsh laser treatments, acne, rosacea and cosmetic surgeries. Such patients often take up to six months before their skin returns to normal, and Pauline simply was not satisfied with the makeup options available.

Pauline began working with chemists to develop a suitable option — a product that would cover raw, inflamed or discolored skin, while allowing it to breathe and heal. This led to her initial work with natural mineral cosmetics.

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